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St Marys Cement

Below you will find information and documents regarding St Marys Cement Haul Route Transportation Study:

St Mrays Cement CBM Public Information Centre #5 - TBD
St Marys Cement CBM Public Information Centre #4 Presentation - June 23, 2008 (1.3 MB)
St Marys Cement PIC#3 Workbook (4.84 MB)
St Marys Cement Questionnaire/Comment Sheet (939 KB)
St Marys Cement CBM Public Information Centre #2 Display Boards- November 29, 2007
Halton Region Planning and Works Department update - St Marys PIC#1
Flamborough Review Article- City reimbursed by St. Marys (153 KB)
Response by CART to St. MARYS PIC held June 21st, 2007 (408 KB)
FORCE post event feedback on PIC#1 (32 KB)
Material from St Marys Cement PIC#1
FORCE template letter for submission to St Marys Cement PIC#1
FORCE submission to the City of Hamilton outlining concerns regarding St Marys Cement PIC#1 (58 KB)
FORCE community alert regarding St Mary Cement's first Public Information Centre PIC#1
St Mary's notice of Public Information Centre (66 KB)
Haul Route Terms of Reference (318 KB)
Mysterious Orange Road Stakes

Material - Public Information Center - Date to be determined

Material - Public Information Centre #4 - June 23, 2008:

Material - Public Information Centre (PIC#3):

Materials - Public Information Centre (PIC #2):

  1. PIC#2 Comment Sheet (939 KB)
  2. Welcome Board (253 KB)
  3. Project Description (523 KB)
  4. Study Area (345 KB)
  5. Study Area in the Vicinity of the Quarry (519 KB)
  6. Terms of Reference(234 KB)
  7. Haul Route Study Process237 KB)
  8. Implementation of Haul Route Study Recommendations (267 KB)
  9. Public Events (284 KB)
  10. What did we hear at PIC1 (430 KB)
  11. What did we hear at PIC1 (467 KB)
  12. Purpose of this PIC (244 KB)
  13. Road Jurisdiction (308 KB)
  14. Road Classification (315 KB)
  15. Existing Road and Rail Network (327 KB)
  16. Study Area Photos (338 KB)
  17. Pedestrians and Cyclists (292 KB)
  18. Existing Traffic and Truck Volumes (390 KB)
  19. Designated Truck Routes and Load Restrictions (316 KB)
  20. Preliminary Constraints Map (447 KB)
  21. Natural Features (371 KB)
  22. Alternatives Modes of Transport (328 KB)
  23. Alternative Modes of Transport (353 KB)
  24. Conclusion on Preferred Transport Mode (353 KB)
  25. Typical Quarry Hours and Truck Information (298 KB)
  26. Initial Long List of Alternative Haul Routes (296 KB)
  27. Alternative Strategies (392 KB)
  28. Tools to Control Truck Traffic (429 KB)
  29. Short List of Alternative Haul Routes (339 KB)
  30. Eliminated Haul Route Linkages (368 KB)
  31. Five Alternative Haul Routes Have Been Identified (296 KB)
  32. Alternative Haul Route 1 (289 KB)
  33. Alternative Haul Route 2 (291 KB)
  34. Alternate Haul Route 3 (304 KB)
  35. Alternative Haul Route 4 (304 KB)
  36. Alternate Haul Route 5 (307 KB)
  37. Potential Road Improvements (236 KB)
  38. Preliminary Criteria for the Evaluation of Haul Routes (421 KB)
  39. Criteria for the Evaluation of Haul Routes (414 KB)
  40. Evaluation Criteria Form (277 KB)
  41. Next Steps (277 KB)

Monday, September 10, 2007 - Region of Halton Planning and Works Department Committee receives update on St Marys Cement PIC#1

On August 29, 2007, Halton Region Commissioner of Planning and Public Works, Peter Crocker, provided an update report to the Planning and Public Works Committee regarding St Marys Cement's first of four Public information Centres.

Commission Crocker noted in the update that the report supported Halton Regions Strategic Plan, 2007-2110, Theme 2: "Protect and Enhance our Natural Environment". Theme 2 includes eight goals to protect and enhance the Regions natural environment including a "Made in Halton" aggregate management strategy.

Read the update report (83 KB)
View the report graphic (42 KB)
Read Halton Regions Strategic Plan, 2007-2110(32 KB) -Theme 2 can be found on page 4

Materials - Public Information Centre (PIC #1):

  3. STUDY CONTEXT.pdf (258 KB)
  14. EXCLUSION ZONE.pdf (220 KB)
  15. NEXT STEPS.pdf (213 KB)

St Marys Haul Route Evaluation Public Information Centre

Template Letter

St Marys Cement (CBM) held their first of four public consultation events on the proposed quarry application "Haul Route Evaluation Study" on Thursday June 21st at The Auditorium of the Royal Botanical Gardens. As required by the City of Hamilton's "Terms of Reference Mountsberg Quarry Haul Route Evaluation" the first consultation was to introduce the project, to identify how the public would like to be involved and to identify public concerns and issues.

Due to St Marys Cement (CBM)'s failure to provide proper notice of the Public Information Center, FORCE has prepared a template letter, which you can use to inform St Marys how the public and residents would like to be involved the study. Feel free to use this template as is or as a starting point to fashion your own letter. We ask that you cc info@stopthequarry.ca so we can monitor St Marys Cements (CBM)'s response to specific public requests and concerns.

Email: communityinfo@stmaryscbm.com and please copy FORCE at info@StopTheQuarry.ca
(Depending on your email program, clicking on the email link above may fill in portions of the email automatically.)

The template letters will open in a new window:

Template letter in Word format.

Template letter in Text format.

Template letter in PDF format.

St Marys Haul Route Evaluation Public Information Centre

St Marys Cement has published notice of a Public Information Centre Meeting to be held Thursday June 21st from 5 to 8 pm at The Auditorium of the Royal Botanical Gardens 680 Plains Road West, Burlington. This meeting is one of a series of meetings required under the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Haul Route Evaluation Study issued by the City of Hamilton in April 2006. This first meeting was to raise initial public concerns and to identify how the public would like to be involved with the study.

Unfortunately St Marys has chosen not to follow the minimum requirements contained in the TOR for public consultation and has chosen a venue that is almost 20km away from the proposed quarry site and at the farthest edge of the study area. The City of Hamilton has acknowledged many of the same concerns that we have raised but to ensure that our comments are formally added to the application file FORCE has written to the City of Hamilton to document the many ways St Marys has failed to comply with the TOR.

Examples include:

This lack of notice and lack of relevant information makes it very difficult for people to decide on whether or not to attend this event. This time of year is also very busy for both residential families with end of year school events as well as many league sporting activities and agricultural families who are very busy with field work.

FORCE will send representatives to the event and will be preparing a template list of comments that can be used to provide your feedback to St Marys. We will post that list on the website, send it out later this week via email, and have the list available for your use at the event.

The behaviour of St Marys Cement continues to be a concern. Consider the area of transportation; we have had the situation of destructive testing being done on our local roads without permits and now this failure to follow the required protocols for public consultation. St Marys claimed in its literature that it "is a caring and responsible company, and a good neighbour." We certainly don't feel that these examples represent the way a good neighbour behaves.

St Marys Cement and the Mysterious Orange Road Stakes

Last fall area residents noticed orange stakes appearing beside some area roadways. Because these stakes appeared by roads that are potential haul routes for the proposed St Marys Cement Flamborough Quarry, members of FORCE contacted the Town of Milton and the City of Hamilton to investigate.

Both the Senior Manager of Infrastructure for the Town of Milton and the Senior Project Manager of Public Works for the City of Hamilton informed us that these stakes were not placed by the municipalities, but were part of a transportation study undertaken on behalf of St Marys Cement in support of the proposed Quarry. They marked sites where unauthorized drilling had been done to obtain core samples of the road and roadbed. Each official told us that this work could only be done under permit, but that no permits had been issued by either municipality. In fact, Milton's Senior Manager of Infrastructure told us that St Marys Cement had contacted the Town about performing this study, had been informed that a permit was required, but had never applied for this permit. No application for such a permit had been received by the City of Hamilton.

The City of Hamilton is taking this very seriously. They are worried that cutting through the road's surface and then attempting to patch the resulting hole could allow water to get into the roadbed and cause premature failure of the road. This is particularly concerning for the 11th Concession, which had been newly paved at public expense. In fact, the City of Hamilton has recent records of the roads' composition and condition, which would have been made available to St Marys Cement, had they asked for them.

This unauthorized activity was done in violation of local laws. We are very concerned that a company that has gone to great lengths and expense to claim that they want to be good neighbours should behave in this way. This question arises: If agents of the proposed Quarry have indeed behaved with disregard of local regulation during the application phase, could they be trusted to respect legal or regulatory conditions placed on their operations if the Quarry were to be approved for development?

Map of known core sample locations. (95 KB)

Images of various bore holes (1.7 MB)

View Councillor McCarthy's updates:
St. Mary's Quarry - Road Core Sampling


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