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Election 2011

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Provincial Candidate Survey

Provincial elections are an important time for our Communities as we collectively consider issues of importance to us, debate ideas and evaluate those willing to make the commitment to serve on our behalf.

There are many important issues facing our Communities and one such issue is a proposal for a new Greenfield aggregate development in Northeast Flamborough by St. Marys Cement.  This proposed development is forecasted to be the 3rd largest in Ontario by annual tonnage.

We have conducted a survey during this Provincial Election.

It is important as voters that we know where the candidates and their respective party stand on the proposed St Marys Flamborough Quarry since its potential impacts are so significant. The information below tells us, which candidates are running for office in which riding. It also tells us if the candidate has taken a position on the proposed quarry and related issues, what the position is, and any additional comments. We hope this information will be helpful as we all deliberate and exercise our democratic right to vote.

The survey questionaire sent to Candidates:

  1. Are you, as a candidate, personally in favour of the proposed St Marys Cement Flamborough quarry?

  2. What is your party’s position regarding the proposed St Marys Cement Flamborough quarry?

  3. Is your party in favour of the current provincial zoning freeze on the proposed quarry lands?

  4. If elected, will your party support the local municipalities, agencies and communities to vigorously defend the provincial zoning freeze on the proposed quarry lands?

  5. Please offer any additional comments that you would like to share regarding the proposed quarry.

Please note: Until a candidate responds to the survey, the response next to his/her name remains "No response". If you are interested, you can also view any additional comments provided on the survey and/or links to the candidate's campaign website by clicking on link in the comment section of the candidates response.
Survey Results

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